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Professionally Choreographed. Non-Traditional. Epic First Dances.


marriage off on the right step!

You don't have to be a professional to have the dance of a lifetime.
Email at or call us at 847-757-4416 for your free dance consult! 

Tired of the traditional boring first dance? We are too! At Jana Bennett Dance, we specialize in personalized and epic non-traditional wedding dance choreography tailored to our couples personalities and wishes. 

Looking for a memorable bachelor or bachelorette music video experience, father-daughter, mother-son or other wedding dance experience? We can do it all! We also can choreograph for your other events needs like corporate conferences, school talent shows and so much more.


Jana Bennett is a highly sought-after professional dancer, choreographer and instructor. She is known for her energetic personality, talented choreography and great customer service!

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